UTCAI Centre - 3 Year plan

A hub of change in action at all levels of society, the UTCAI Centre is a dynamic education hub and community space unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In this remarkable place of active learning, young people, adults, community groups, staff teams, business leaders, UTCAI partners and staff come together to implement change through a wide range of practical approaches.

Attracting people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, the UTCAI Centre is an educational establishment, a training centre, a company headquarters, a workspace, a community centre, a place of change.

With every action guided by our principles of solution-focused transformation through holistic, purposeful approaches which start with people and end with brighter futures, we do things differently here.   

Learning For Lifelong Transformation

The centre begins with UTCAI Alternative Provision. Located on the ground floor, it’s in these spaces young people aged 11-16 encounter a fresh approach to education.

Designed to equip every participant with the skills, self-belief and mindset to pursue the brightest future, the 12 or 6-week programme is a life-changing experience.

In the network of workspaces, labs, common areas, meeting rooms, thinking places and more, young people from across the country, at risk of exclusion or excluded, discover a new future.

Working through a holistic, personalised curriculum, which includes mentoring in every session, students will explore practical, subject-based skills directly related to individual jobs and career paths.

By the end of the programme, each student leaves secure in the knowledge that they too, have a valuable contribution to make to society and a voice capable of inspiring change.

Community Cohesion In Action
On the next floor, our meeting rooms, common areas and board room are abuzz with purposeful conversations, plans and decisions.

Here business leaders, board members of organisations, UTCAI staff, sponsors and community leaders, gather to reshape and rebuild the foundations of our systems. Through policy change, consultation and education, together we impact establishments, networks and communities to secure better, fairer opportunities for all.

Finally on the top floor, frontline staff, staff teams, community groups and more, engage in practical workshops, seminars, projects and other forms of innovative training.

Beyond lie ergonomic workspaces and chill-out areas for staff. In the centre, the large common area is a place where new partnerships, networks, friendships and ideas are forged over wholesome food, drink and community.


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