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Our game-changing educational programmes are designed to transform the damaging narratives which fuel inequality, injustice and prejudice.  

We work with: schools, children at risk of exclusion or excluded, PRUs, other CYP services and workplaces.

Our holistic training programme includes: workshops, early intervention projects, coaching and consultations.

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The UTCAI Centre

A hub of change in action at all levels of society, the UTCAI Centre is a dynamic education hub and community space unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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We are a group of UK professionals from a wide range of industries, established for the singular purpose of drawing individuals together, from around the UK, to build brighter, better and more equal futures for our young people. 


Our Pa​rtners

Training for staff? We do that too. 

We work across London and the UK through an open, engaging, relatable and fun approach. Our holistic strategies mean you’ll find our programmes refreshing, practical and in tune with children and young people’s everyday needs and interests.

All our CYP programmes are planned within current National Curriculum Frameworks and other relevant national strategies for CYP 3-18. Focuses include: transformative discourse, strategies to ensure all children feel valued, ​understand and celebratediversity, ​ mechanisms to help all young people upskill and more.  

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