Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training & Education Programme For Groups

UTCAI work with all types of youth groups facilitated by: local authority youth services, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK. We implement a varied education and training programme to explore issues directly related to inequality, diversity and inclusion with young people.

Using an array of dynamic, practical, fun and well-designed approaches, our equity, diversity and inclusion training and education programme is powerful, enjoyable, stimulating and thought-provoking.

The purpose of our programme for young people is to cultivate sustained change by addressing barriers to education and life-enhancing opportunities faced by young people in the UK. Our goal is to foster equal opportunities for all young people in the UK so each has unrestricted freedom to achieve their full potential .

Our equity, diversity and inclusion programme is inclusive, tailored to the needs of each group and designed in line with the requirements of national frameworks for young people in the UK. Most of each

During sessions, young people will: explore challenging issues, facilitate transformative discourse, enrich practical skillsets, build a strong sense of self-worth and address barriers to education, skills and training.

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UTCAI Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training and Education For Young People

Our equity, diversity and inclusion training and education programmes for companies and young people includes:

• Workshops
• Talks
• Mentoring
• Alternative Provision: a 6-12 week programme for children at a high risk of exclusion or already excluded.
• Bespoke early intervention projects for children at risk of exclusion
• Bespoke courses and training
• Consultancy